Frank's Begging to Go

Thanks for realizing who gave you a chance

I always thought Frank Martin was a loyal member of the Kansas State basketball program but after the comments that have come out in a recent interview, that’s just not the case. While I wasn’t against his hiring 3 years ago, there was plenty of deserved mumbling that took place concerning a guy who wasn’t qualified for that role quite yet. I would have thought that getting the opportunity to be a big time head coach along with being showered with praise and love by a city and university would have been enough to bring some loyalty but I guess you only come across a Bill Snyder once in a lifetime. Continue reading to see what Frank said that shows he sure as heck doesn’t bleed purple.

This quote came from an interview between Frank Martin and the AP posted on ESPN:

“He wonders if a misunderstanding about his salary might have discouraged the Hurricanes.

“Everyone’s reporting that my salary is $1.55 million [annually]. Actually, my salary is $1.1 million,” he said. “Now, I’m an old high school teacher who was making 32 grand when I moved to Boston, and I’m extremely grateful and thankful for the salary I make right now.

“If I stayed the length of the [five-year] contract and I collect every bonus on the contract, it will average out to $1.55. And you know what? There is a chance that the University of Miami never called because they think I make $1.5,” he said. “There’s a chance just because it was released at $1.55 the University of Miami said, ‘We can’t call him. Why waste our time? We can’t pay him.’ “

What is Martin doing? He letting everyone know right now that he can easily be bought… and at a bargain price. I don’t blame the guy for being excited about an opening to do what he loves where he grew up around his family. Obviously Martin has thousands of ties to the Miami area and could easily continue building a program there. But how shameless does it get? Not only did Frank let everyone know publicly that he is waiting by the phone for a call from thugU, but he also included a nice earnings summary that says two things.

First, it shows that he doesn’t feel like he is getting what he deserves. He can throw in all the “I only made blah as a teacher” but you don’t clarify that you “only” make 1.1 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS annually unless you think you deserve better. Especially now as people are being layed off left and right and struggling to pull in a few thousand just to survive.

Second, Martin made it clear to Miami  just how cheap he is. Obviously not in his luxury alligator boot choice… no he put a huge for sale sign on his forehead that said call and offer me 1.15 million and I’m all yours. Again I understand it’s maybe his dream spot, but way to sell out just like every other coach who gets a huge opportunity and tricks a fanbase into thinking they have something special.

I don’t know how it’s all going to eventually turn out and I would kill to keep Frank Martin as the head coach of the Wildcat’s basketball program but this little episode has only proven that much more that there is no such thing as loyalty or a contract in big college sports. I hope you stay Frank, but if you go, take you price tags with you.

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