Nov 30, 2013; Lawrence, KS, USA; Kansas State Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder on the sidelines against the Kansas Jayhawks in the first half at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

K-State To Play UTEP Next Year

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Seeking a replacement for UT-San Antonio on next year’s football schedule, K-State Athletic Director announced Monday that K-State will play the University of Texas El Paso in 2014. UTSA, who backed out earlier this fall, got the best of UTEP earlier this year, taking the Conference USA matchup 32-13. The game will take place on September 27.

UTEP should provide more of a breather compared to playing UTSA. San Anton finished their season at 7-5, ending on a five game win streak to take second in Conference USA-West with a league mark of 6-2. UTEP, on the other hand, struggled throughout the year and closed out the season with a 48-17 loss to Middle Tennessee State while finishing 2-10 overall and just 1-7 in league play.

One man who likely isn’t complaining about the change in the schedule is coach Bill Snyder. Kansas State hosted UMass this year, opting to play one of the worst teams in the nation in order to gain experience and avoid any chance of a nonconference loss. And while the team will experience less turnover in 2014 than it did this year, Snyder has never shied away from securing a favorable schedule to open the year.

Of concern in creating the schedule is a looming game against SEC West Champion Auburn next year. The Tigers are coming off a victory over #1 Alabama and will pose a huge test for the Wildcats. Auburn will come to Manhattan, as K-State already traveled to play the Tigers in 2007 under the home-and-home format. The Wildcats now struggle with establishing an early-season schedule, having determined what teams will be played. K-State opens the season against Stephen F. Austin on August 30, and then faces two consecutive byes before facing Auburn.

While the additional prep time could be beneficial, that much is likely unnecessary. Currie is said to be looking at getting an early conference game scheduled for September sixth, which would still allow a bye week before Auburn while also creating one later in the season. However, the prospects of that move seem unlikely at this point.


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  • Rob S

    Would have been nice to get a second game in before Auburn. The Tigers dont play until Sept 6 and then have a bye before coming to Manhattan.

    The early game should allow Coach plenty of time for practices and the team can REALLY work the film room.

  • unclejesse40

    ok I know it takes two to tango but just a quick look at the up coming 2014 season schedules show numerous teams that I would enjoy watching KState play that have open dates. Sept 6th: Boston College, Cincinnati, Air Force, Louisiana Monroe. Sept 13th: Duke, Tulane, Temple, North Texas, Western Kentucky, Colorado State, and Arkansas State. It seems crazy to me to have that much time before the Auburn game. the players are going to be to restless. I would prefer the Sept 6th game to be the one that is filled but would take either at this point.

  • davethoman

    Looks like the Big 12 came through – the Iowa State game has been moved to Sept. 6, giving K-State a bye week in the middle of Big 12 play on October 11.

    • davethoman

      Well, early Big 12 play.

      • unclejesse40

        Is there a max number of games that college football teams can play in a season? It appears that right now they have 12.

        • davethoman

          Correct – 12 games (plus a conference championship and a bowl game, making a possible 13-14 if you play in a conference with a title game). All programs max out to 12 games; if K-State couldn’t find another FBS school, it would likely schedule an FCS squad. The only problem with that strategy is that only one FCS win counts towards bowl eligibility, and Sam Houston STate is already on the schedule. Therefore, if K-State went 6-6 next year but two of those wins were against FCS, the record would only count as 5-6 and the Wildcats would be left out.

          You can still petition for a waiver in this instance. Arizona State tried in 2010, but was denied. That Arizona State team was better than some 8-4 teams in the country, and if they couldn’t get a waiver, odds are K-State would probably be denied one too. Of course, this team will return some solid talent next year. The only thing holding it back would be the running back position. Figure that out, and there’s no reason to believe K-State won’t finish with a better record in 2014.

          • unclejesse40

            It appears that they already have their 12 games then. 1. Stephen f Austin 2. Iowa State 3. Auburn 4. UTEP 5. Texas Tech 6. Oklahoma 7. Texas 8. Oklahoma State 9. TCU 10. West Virginia 11. Kansas 12 Baylor. So does this mean that they are unable to bring in any other teams? or because they dont have a conference championship game they can schedule more than 12?

          • davethoman

            You can’t schedule more than 12 games, regardless of the conference situation, you can only earn additional games via conference title and bowl games. If memory serves correct, Bill Snyder didn’t get that excited about about the Big 12 losing its title game. He wanted to play all the regular season games he could, but didn’t want to travel to a neutral site for a title game with high risk (on that stage you’re playing for a BCS bowl, and a late season loss can cripple that) and low reward (one win typically doesn’t propel you into the BCS championship).

            Of course, next year with the “promise” that strength of schedule will be more important in determining the playoff participants, a conference championship may be more beneficial. We shall see.