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At least there was one positive. (si.com)

After the first loss of a season you would expect the quotes coming from players and coaches to be quite a bit different. The good news is that the players honestly seem ready to move on from what happened already. Let’s hope so. Continue reading for more of the best quotes that came after the game.

“We could not get to the ball. We could not stop them. I think that everyone of our victories has really been a team victory, and I would call this a team loss.” HC Bill Snyder

“When you have three-and-out after three-and-out in a close ball game and you keep your defense on the field; those are things that you cannot do and expect to win.” Collin Klein

“It is very frustrating, but at the same time, there were a lot of us that did not do our jobs. We just have to be focused for next week.” Tyler Lockett

“His (Landry Jones) first interception was not his fault. He trusted the receiver to come back for the football on a comeback route and in the worst case they are battling for the ball. However, that did not happen.” Bob Stoops defending Jones. (I’m gonna say it was totally his fault for staring the receiver down for about 12 seconds as he stood there in the pocket untouched.)

“Yeah, a lot better than I expected. He is a great athlete, but when he runs his stride just opens up. It seems like he is a 4.4 type guy. He is a really good runner.” OU Linebacker Corey Nelson on Collin Klein

“He ran the ball hard and tough. I found him after the game and said ‘I appreciate playing against you’. He is a physical guy and sometimes when I came up and hit him, he was really polite in trying to help me up. The guy still ran the ball and made us respect him.” OU DB Sam Proctor on Collin Klein

“We started off playing bad football, and it got even worse in the second half.” Tysyn Hartman

“We do not think about that. We are going to play every week and we will not worry about who it is.” David Garrett on the upcoming schedule

“This game does not define us. We will not let it. We need to come out with the mentality in practice this week to maintain what we have established.” Arthur Brown

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