LiveBlog 1st Quarter: Kansas State Wildcats (2-0) @ Miami Hurricanes (1-1)

  Kansas State Wildcats (2-0)      Miami Hurricanes(1-1)

Sun Life Stadium. Miami, FL. Saturday, September 24 2011,  3:30p.m.

Welcome to our first LiveBlog of the season. If you’re not at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, you can watch the game on ESPNU and follow along here where I will be tweeting throughout the game. Feel free to message me on Twitter @Jug_of_Snyder to join the discussion, or comment below.

First Quarter

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Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • jacavender

    Holding the canes to a fg is huge…

  • jacavender

    Klein and the option is like a splinter in my hand..

  • jacavender

    Collin Klein for Heisman?

  • jacavender

    Looks just like his dad Kevin…. Go Cats

  • jacavender

    I hope Snyder conservative style doesn’t effect us…

  • Dan Cavender

    @jacavender As long as he leaves it in Klein’s hands, they should be good for the second half.