Kansas State Gets No Love in Preseason Rankings

ESPN Big 12 Blog ranked Kansas State eighth overall for the upcoming 2011-2012 football season. The only teams not ranked higher than the Cats are Kansas and Iowa State. This is tough to swallow and shows that the competition in the conference got a lot tougher. It was more of a shocker to see Texas ranked sixth in the conference and shows how hard this conference will be in football.

8. Kansas State

Arthur Brown is better than people think, and Bryce Brown won’t be quite as good. Collin Klein? About what they expect. The new Big 12 makes Kansas State a victim and the Wildcats miss the postseason.

Hopefully, the Cats can steal a few wins and end up in the upper half of the conference and be bowl eligible. Do you agree with the rankings?

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  • CT-K-Stater

    Can’t say I disagree with the ranking though it hurts me to say so. It is just the reality of the “new” Big-12 where one has to play every team in the conference. Paul Rhodes has done some nice things at Iowa State and that program is getting stronger, brick by brick. Every single Texas and Oklahoma school has to be considered a notch above KSU at the moment, with the possible exception of Baylor – and the Bears returning their superb QB and bringing in Phil Bennett to shore up a porous defense likely means they stay ahead of the ‘Cats for at least one more season.

    Because KSU doesn’t have a proven passing QB, has to replace the interior of its O-line and had the worst defense against the run in the nation last season, there are lots of areas that will need improvement. That said, if a solid QB emerges from fall camp and the O-line fills out nicely than there shouldn’t be too much drop-off from last season. Snyder is usually good for at least one upset in conference play, which might be enough (depending on picking up a win at Miami – a big “if”) to get the Cats back into a bowl game.

    The two big question marks to me are: 1) Defense, and 2) QB. Snyder hasn’t had a quality QB since Ell Roberson and, as such, hasn’t been in the upper third of the conference since 2003. As for the defense, any improvement would be welcome. Hopefully the Snyder strategy of building up roster depth and better quality through position-by-position competition by gray-shirting and red-shirting a ton of recruits will begin to pay off this season. If Klein, Tuggle or Sams (most likely a redshirt) steps up at QB and the defense begins to improve than the big leap for the ‘Cats comes next year when they should be a top-4 pick in the Big-12.

  • fansided

    Completely agree and well put on your comments. I think this is a big year to find out if we are on the right track or not. @CT-K-Stater

  • http://twitter.com/JMattHicks JMattHicks

    I can’t really argue with the rankings either, but, I do think people are sleeping on the Wildcats.

    They’ve got Baylor, Mizzou, OU, and my Aggies at home this year. Plus, they’ve always seemed to have the Longhorn’s number no matter where they play

    I think KSU beats EKU, Kent State, Baylor, Kansas, Texas, and ISU. That’s 6 dubs and a bowl game. They could even upset an OU or OSU…I think aside from Texas, the Wildcats are real wildcards in the Big 12.