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  • RYF

    I had a different reaction to Nucky killing Rowland. It seemed that while Nucky believed Rowland to be a young kid he was more willing to forgive the theft and take the boy under his wing, as he did for Jimmy. Perhaps Nucky had a desire to try it again, and do it right this time. As soon as Nucky discovers that Rowland is 19, already a man with a course carved out for himself, he realized that he cannot raise Rowland and promptly kills him. I’m curious what others think of this interpretation

    • Josh

      I had the exact same thought.

    • anon

      That and also, Rowland lied about not smoking. So Nucky realizes that he lied about the cigs and his age and that sealed Rowland’s fate IMO.

      • Margaret Mary McCloskey

        Good point — I forgot about the smoking bit.

    • edge1124

      Nucky seemed like he was going to mentor a new Jimmy-like kid and that is what Owen was seeing and hearing too…but Yes…once he had to question him that he thought he said he did not smoke and lied about his age…Nucky knew then he HAD to kill him…..Rowland was not going to change and would never be able to be trusted!

      • Margaret Mary McCloskey

        I think there’s more to Nucky’s decision to kill Rowland than just lying … Nuck thought of Jimmy as a son, and now he’s getting really close with Owen. His own brother betrayed him, and his marriage has fallen apart. He’s keeping everyone at an arm’s length so he won’t get hurt again, and killing Rowland had the added affect of reminding Owen that a boss is not a friend.

    • Margaret Mary McCloskey

      I think also what we saw was Owen falling for the kid’s line — maybe recognizing a bit of himself in Rowland. So Nucky used the opportunity to remind Owen of his place (remember that great conversation they had while Rowland slept when Nucky asked Owen if he wanted more), Nucky put a very final period on his point.