Martin to Pullen, "Stay Strong"

Recently Frank Martin lit up twitter on how NBA teams could pass on Jacob Pullen, a true winner in is heart compared to the other guys drafted instead of him. Pullen will no doubt get a chance to show his skills in the D-league at some point and could crack an NBA roster.  The knocks on Jacob are that he is small for his position (true), he is average athletically (true), and sometimes takes bad shots (again true, but misleading). All of these “knocks” on Pullen are compared with other NBA players, which makes a 6’1 shooting guard a tough sale to NBA general managers.

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The one negative I don’t agree with is that he took a ton of bad shots. He had to take ever clutch shot for his team. His teammates couldn’t be relied on for making big buckets. He forced shots that he wouldn’t have to on a NBA roster with a point guard feeding him or a big man kicking out. If he continues to keep becoming the deadly clutch shooter (with a faster release) and continues being a strong on the ball defender, he will make it to the league. He might not ever be a starter, but with his heart and determination he can definitely help any team. We believe in you Jacob and stay strong!

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